Thursday, December 14, 2017

Students of Civics Complete American Government Curriculum

Exciting news for Civics teachers: my new American Government curriculum is almost complete!

This curriculum, available at includes full lesson plans for every day of the school year!!! Yep, not only do you get the most engaging social studies resources available anywhere, you also get easy-to-follow lessons to help you through all of the great activities and how to use them successfully in your classes.

You can take a closer look at all the units included in the curriculum here. Each is based on state and Common Core Standards, so you can be sure that your lessons will match up with what your students need to learn. There are units on:

  • Intro to Government
  • Foundations of America's Government
  • The Constitution and Federalism
  • Political Parties & Ideology
  • Campaigns & Elections
  • The Legislative Branch
  • The Executive Branch
  • The Judicial Branch
  • Civil Liberties
  • Foreign Policy & Comparative Government
  • Local Government

Each unit is filled with awesome resources like interactive notebook pages, digital Google Drive activities, PowerPoints with guided notes, and more! You can take a closer look at the resources here.

Simple lesson plans accompany all of the activities for every day of the year as well, so there's no wondering how to use a resource in your class. These lesson plans include links to relevant videos and websites to enhance each lesson.

Plus to close out each unit, there are multiple review games like Kahoot, Quizizz, FlipQuiz, Quizlet Live, and more before it culminates with an editable assessment.

You can join Students of Civics today and get immediate access to ALL of these amazing resources right away.

If subscribing isn't for you, you can also download each unit individually here on TpT!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Protestant Reformation and What it Means to Resist & Collaborate Lesson Plan

This Protestant Reformation Lesson Plan has your students learning about key events from the Reformation and deciding if they would join the movement, collaborate with the Catholic Church, or act like nothing was going on.

I really want to get the students in my classes to think about what resistance means and how it can impact the brave people like Martin Luther who stand up to those in power. I also want them thinking critically about what it means to ignore injustices or collaborate with those committing them.

This complete lesson download includes short readings on 4 early events/people that influenced the Protestant Reformation:

  • John Wycliffe Declared a Heretic
  • Jan Huss Executed for Heresy 
  • Martin Luther posting the 95 Theses
  • The Affair of the Placards

After reading about each event, students decide if they'd join the Protestant movement, collaborate with the Roman Catholic Church, or choose to ignore it and act like nothing had happened. After going through all 4 events, students analyze what their role would have been in the Reformation as a whole.

Finally, students analyze what it looks like and what the repercussions can be for those who resist, collaborate, or ignore.  This download includes both printable and Google Docs versions of the activity along with directions pages for both the students and you as the teacher.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back to School Project - Medieval Coat of Arms

This excellent Coat of Arms project is great for a unit on the Middle Ages or for a back-to-school "get to know each other activity"!
Included in your download is a simple directions page for students that provides the historic background of Coats of Arms and heraldry in Europe. It also provides students simple instructions on how to create a Coat of Arms. Next is a fantastic printable Coat of Arms template to use in class and a rubric to help with grading.

This is a very fun project that allows students to be creative, while also engaging in history content. I have used it at the beginning of the year as a way to get to know students as well as in the middle of the year during or unit on Medieval Times.

These projects always make for excellent classroom decorations before Back to School night!

Hope you have a great back to school season!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Indian Removal Act and Trail of Tears Lesson Plan

This engaging lesson plan on the Indian Removal Act is an awesome way to get students thinking critically, analyzing primary sources, and working together!

The complete lesson features directions for the teacher to set up multiple activities in one class period. There's a warm up question, introduction, link to a short video, and discussion points before leading into the primary source analysis activity.

There are 10 short excerpts from various speeches or documents related to the Indian Removal Act. These include words of:

  • President Andrew Jackson
  • Cherokee Chief John Ross
  • Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Soldiers who participated in the forced Indian Removal
  • Native American voices
  • ... and more! 

Each helps students gain a clearer image of the divergent views regarding the removal of the Cherokee and other Native American groups from the southeast.

Students record their own analysis of each on a chart then move on to a longer primary source speech to analyze. A worksheet is included for this speech to help students focus on the key points.

Answer keys for each are included for your convenience along with ideas for extension activities.

You can download this great lesson for your students here. Or, you can also get this resources along with 50 more on Early America as part of my Complete Early American History Unit Plan.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Early Humans and Prehistory Interactive Notebook Activities

This download features 9 Interactive Notebook pages all about early humans and prehistory! These amazing Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldables, pop-ups, timelines, and more!

These are incredible resources for getting students engaged and active in their learning and allowing them to be creative with their notes. 
Topics covered include:
  • Early hominids including Australopithecines, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, & Cro-Magnon
  • Early human migraton
  • Hunter-gather societies
  • Cave paintings
  • The Agricultural/Neolithic Revolution
  • Comparing the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages
  • Archaeology, artifacts, fossils, and carbon dating
  • The characteristics of a civilization
  • Vocabulary activities and more! 

This interactive notebook set is guaranteed to help your students enjoy learning about prehistory and early humans while gaining a better understanding of important concepts, events, and the evolution of early man. 
Each page is designed to engage students and get them thinking critically while also forming a personal connection to the material. The download is also filled with pictures of completed pages so you and your students can easily see how each page should be cut, pasted, folded, or completed.
An online, digital version of pages like these can be found here in the Prehistory and Early Humans Google Drive Interactive Notebook.
Both the interactive notebook and the Google Drive version can also be downloaded, along with many more great resources for teaching this era in this Prehistory and Early Humans Complete Unit Bundle.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Updated World War 2 Unit Plan!

I just gave my World War 2 Unit Plan Bundle a big update and it now includes over 50 activities for teaching everything about WW2 for either World or US History!

This awesome package features interactive notebook pages, Google Drive, PowerPoints, projects, dozens of primary and secondary source readings and activities, review materials, assessments, and more.

These are truly some amazing teaching resources and I know they will be awesome for your classes. I have used them myself for years now and refined them and added to the unit each year. Now, there's so many activities that you have choices each day about which resource you want to use. For example, on day 2 of the unit, there are 3 different reading activities. You can select one for your whole class or have students do different ones in groups!


It truly makes for an incredible and interactive unit in your social studies class. You can preview the entire unit here. It includes a Unit Planning Guide plus review materials at the end, including Jeopardy, task cards, and more. Then there's multiple tests to pick from which you can edit as well!

I promise this will be one of your best units of the whole year - packed full of exciting and egaging activities!

You can download this awesome World War 2 unit plan here!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan with New Google Activity

This fantastic Civil Rights Movement lesson plan is inspired by the "Freedom Riders" who took buses South to register voters during the late 1960's.

Included in your activity download are 7 one-page readings on major events of the Civil Rights Movement. The 7 events are:

  • Brown Vs. the Board of Education
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • The Little Rock 9
  • The March on Washington
  • Massive resistance in public schools
  • The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • The killing of civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi

These readings can be hung around the room for your students to move through as a station activity, or completed in groups. As students stop and read about each event, they complete a graphic organizer and map each event. 

This is a great activity to get students moving around the room or used for student presentations. A completed example is included as well as several additional ideas on how to present the lesson. 

This download includes both printable and Google Drive versions of the activity! If you're in a paperless classroom or just want to integrate more digital resources, you can use the provided link to bring this resource into Google Classroom!

You can download this great lesson plan for your classes here: Civil Rights Movement Lesson

If you need more great resources for this unit, this activity can also be downloaded as part of the larger Civil Rights Movement Resource Bundle which includes many additional resources for your unit!

Thanks for stopping by to check it out!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Watergate Scandal Lesson Activity

One of the most important lessons in US History is the Watergate Scandal and how it transitions us from the Cold War to Modern America. Today's distrust of politicians and disillusionment in our government really stems from this period.

To teach my US History classes about Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal, I use this engaging lesson plan.

This great activity that you can download here, includes a PowerPoint overview with guided notes plus a primary source analysis activity!

The PowerPoint starts off with a bell-ringer activity then covers Nixon's presidency from his election in 1968 to his resignation in 1974. It guides students through the complex Watergate scandal with simple, easy-to-follow notes on the key players, developments, and events of the Watergate Scandal.

Next, students analyze a primary source from the scandal. Included are images of the source along with a transcription, worksheet, and timeline of the events of the scandal.

A teacher directions page features links to videos plus steps on how to use each resource.

Finally, your download includes both printable and Google Docs versions of the primary source analysis activity! If you've gone paperless  or  want to integrate more digital resources, there's a link to bring this resource into Google Classroom!

This is an excellent lesson plan to help students understand the transition to the modern presidency and distrust of politicians. You can download it all for your classes here!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Space Race Readings, Timeline, & Newspaper Activity - Now Updated with Google Classroom!

This lesson plan on the Cold War's Space Race has been totally updated to now include a Google Classroom version!

The lesson includes 11 1-page articles which students can read to learn about key events in the space race. Students use these to create newspaper pages which they can then present and use to create a human timeline and interactive notebook page timeline!

The events include: Sputnik, the famous Soviet dog Laika , voyages of John Glenn, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Voyager, launching of the Hubble Telescope, & more!

This can be differentiated in your classes by having students work in pairs, groups, or individually.

The new Google Classroom version features a "drag and drop" timeline of events and links to dozens of online sources for students to read about the events of the Space Race!  If you're in a paperless classroom or just want to integrate more digital resources, this is a great digital learning activity for the Cold War!

You can download this Space Race Timeline and Activity set here!

Thanks for checking it out!

Google Classroom for US History

This amazing Complete American History Google Drive Digital Interactive Notebook features 17 sets of fully-editable digital interactive pages on all of American History for Google Drive!

There are over 150 pages in this set to cover all of US History through digital pages! This is perfect for 1:1 classes, the computer lab, Chromebooks, or allowing students to use their own devices to learn US History!

These pages were based on traditional Interactive Notebook Pages, these these digital Google pages can be completed all online with laptops, tablets, or any other device that supports Google Drive! They also allow for online activities like dragging and dropping timelines, sorting vocabulary, inserting pictures, and other engaging activities!

Check out the preview here. These are really excellent for any unit in US History!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

World History 2 SOL Review Materials

This awesome World History 2 SOL review packet is by far the best way to get your students prepared for a final exam! It includes a complete 19 page packet and 37 slide PowerPoint presentation on a complete year of material.

The 19 pages each cover a unit of World History:

  1. World Empires at 1500
  2. The Renaissance
  3. The Reformation
  4. The Age of Exploration
  5. Absolute Monarchs
  6. The Enlightenment
  7. Revolutions in Science & Society
  8. Latin American Revolutions
  9. Nationalism
  10. The Industrial Revolutions
  11. Imperialism
  12. World War I
  13. The Inter-War Period
  14. World War II
  15. Genocides
  16. The Cold War
  17. Independence Movements
  18. The Modern World
  19. World Religions

Each page is filled with fantastic graphic organizers, visuals, and outlines to help students understand key information. All information is based on state and Common Core Standards and focused on helping students focus on essential topics.

When completed, this packet makes for a perfect study guide for World History. Every single vocabulary term, important figure, and event from the year is included! I guarantee your students will have a greater comprehension of the entire curriculum.

I begin reviewing with this packet and PowerPoint about 2 weeks before our SOL and cover a few pages a day and my students always do amazing on the SOL test!

Thank you for looking!

You can download this awesome World 2 SOL review packet here!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Inca, Maya, Aztec Google Classroom Set PLUS African Civilizations!

This awesome activity for teaching about civilizations in Africa and Mesoamerica features 9 fully-editable Interactive pages using Google Drive! The pages cover the Maya, Aztec, Inca plus Ghana, Mali, and Songhai empires with a variety of links, graphic organizers, and more!

While it may seem off to bundle African civilizations with those in the Americas, this is how a lot of World History standards are grouped!These super-engaging pages can be completed all online with laptops, tablets, or any other device that supports Google Drive!

Topics covered in these pages include:

•  Great Zimbabwe and the Shona people
•  Timbuktu and trade routes in Africa
•  The Gold-Salt Trade
•  The empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
•  The Olmecs, Zapotecs, and early Mesoamerican civilizations
•  Characteristics of the Mayan Civilization
•  The Aztec Empire
•  The Inca Empire
•  Comparing the Maya, Aztec, and Inca
•  A timeline of African and American civilizations
•  Vocabulary activities and more!

Students use the dozens of included links to research, then type directly on the pages, insert images, and drag and drop information for a variety of engaging, interactive activities! This is a fantastic way to integrate technology into your classroom and can be completed without printing any paper! Awesome for a 1:1 school or just a trip to the computer lab.

An answer key for all 9 pages is included along with 2 pages of teacher directions. All you only need is a Google account and you're ready to go!

You can find more great Digital Interactive Notebooks for World History here!

Thanks so much for looking!

Friday, June 23, 2017

New US History Curriculum Packages with free LIFETIME Updates!

Over the past few years of creating new resources, I added more and more to the point that my Complete US History Curriculum was too big to be hosted online (about 1.6 GB). As a result, I made it available only on a USB flash drive that I would mail out.

However, TpT recently increased their file size limit up to 1 GB. While this still isn't big enough to hold ALL my American History resources, it is big enough to break the curriculum up into 2 halves! 


As a result, I created 2 new Complete Curriculum packages for US History! These are: 

This bundle of over 300 resources covers the Age of Exploration through the Reconstruction Era. There are 10 complete units full of resources: 
This bundle covers The Gilded Age to Modern America and includes almost 400 total teaching resources and 9 Complete Units: 
Both packages also include my popular Daily Warm Up Activities for US History along with amazing resources like:  

Best of all, these 2 downloads give you free updates for life! Every new resource that I add in the future for US History will get added to these 2 bundles. That means more Google Classroom activities, projects, interactive notebooks, and more! 

These resources are thorough, rigorous, and hyper-engaging. Your students will love your class and you'll finally have time to devote to their needs instead of stressing about planning.

You can download them here:

 US History Part 1

 US History Part 2

I promise you you'll love these packages! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

America's Constitution and Constitutional Convention Unit Plan

This download includes over 30 amazing teaching resources for a complete unit on America's Constitution and the Philadelphia Convention!

Everything is planned out for you throughout the 2-3 week unit. Every day is packed with activities to engage your students and help them understand the Constitutional Convention, Founding Fathers, and America's government.

Each of these amazing resources is included in this download:

Constitution Google Drive Digital Notebook
Interactive Notebook for the Constitution and Early America
Class Constitution Group Project
 ★ Constitution and Constitutional Convention PowerPoint Lesson
Compromises of the Constitutional Convention Reading
Bill of Rights Scenarios Analysis Worksheet
Constitution and Convention CLOZE Vocabulary Reading
Comparing Plans of the Constitutional Convention
Federalist Papers 10 and 51 Analysis Worksheets
Founding Fathers of America Magic Portrait PowerPoint
Constitutional Convention Pop-Up Figures "Rise of Democracy" Lesson
Alexander Hamilton: Lesson Plan for the Musical
★ Plus a selection of Warm Up Activities

Plus there's more resources included on the Articles of Confederation, a Jeopardy-style review game, and editable test. You won't find better lesson activities to teach about the Constitution anywhere!!

If you teach American History and are looking for more great resources, this entire unit plan bundle is included as part of the American History Part 1: Complete Curriculum Digital Download.

Thanks for checking it out and happy teaching!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Evaluating Reconstruction Lesson Plan for US History

This awesome activity on the Period of Reconstruction has students assume the roles of different Americans during the 1870's to evaluate how various Reconstruction policies and events would affect them.

reconstruction lesson

Students are assigned one of 6 different characters:

  • Freed slave
  • Poor white farmer
  • Former plantation owner
  • Freedmen's Bureau teacher
  • Former Confederate general
  • Radical Republican

After reading about their character, students have to think critically about each aspect of Reconstruction. They then decide which parts of Reconstruction would be positive for their character and which would be negative.

There are 14 different aspects of Reconstruction (Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, Black Codes, the KKK, etc), students must analyze. They then decide whether Reconstruction was a success or failure from that person's perspective.

This is an awesome higher-level thinking activity that will help your students gain a deeper insight into the lasting effects of Reconstruction.

This download includes both printable and Google Docs versions of the activity! If you're in a paperless classroom or just want to integrate more digital resources, you can use the provided link to bring this resource into Google Classroom!

The Google Doc version also includes links to online sources for students to research how each aspect of Reconstruction affected different Americans.

You can find a great companion PowerPoint on the Age of Reconstruction here which I use prior to this activity. Both of these activities are also part of my Civil War & Reconstruction Unit Bundle.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Boxer Rebellion in China Activity

This lesson plan on the Boxer Rebellion features engaging primary sources, videos, and a reading activity all in one download!

This is a fantastic resource for covering Imperialism and gives an excellent overview of the China's 1899-1901 Boxer Rebellion.

All of the following are included with this lesson plan:

  • Thorough directions on how to present the lesson
  • Bellringer to get started
  • Reading activity on the Boxers
  • Primary Source poem 
  • Eight primary source cartoons on the Boxer Rebellion 
  • Printable worksheet for individuals or groups
  • Links to videos for the lesson

This also includes a Google Drive digital version of the lesson plan! If you've gone paperless or want to integrate more technology, you can use the included digital version through Google Classroom!

You can download this for your classroom today by clicking here.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

PS: You can get this great resource PLUS over 500 more amazing teaching activities for World or American History through a simple monthly subscription to my site!

Joining the site gives you immediate access to every engaging resource — each highly reviewed by thousands of teachers across the world! Save yourself time, energy, and sanity by joining today!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Secession of the South Lesson Plan and Activities

This fantastic lesson plan allows your students to analyze different primary sources related to Southern states seceding from the Union prior to the Civil War.

The activity is very easily adaptable for different grade levels and students. It can be done individually or in small  groups with students working together to analyze the printed copies. You can also do the activity digitally through included Google Docs version!

The complete lesson plan includes all of the following :

  • A 2-page worksheet students use to analyze the primary sources
  •  An excerpt from a speech by the Confederate Vice President 
  • Mississippi's Declaration of Secession
  • 2 primary source political cartoons
  • Extension activity for class debate on secession
  • A digital (and editable) Google Docs version of the resource
  • Teacher directions page with included key

This is an awesome lesson to help your students better understand the real reasons the South seceded from the Union by analyzing the actual primary sources from the era.

The activity can also be downloaded as part of the Civil War & Reconstruction Unit Bundle with over 50 awesome resources for teaching all about the Civil War!

Thanks for stopping by to check it out!
PS: You can get this great resource PLUS over 500 more amazing teaching activities for World or American History through a simple monthly subscription to my site!
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?" - Primary Source Analysis Activity

This engaging activity on Sojourner Truth's famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech is awesome for giving your students an introduction to analyzing primary sources.

The download includes 2 different versions of Sojourner Truth's speech. First is the most widely printed version that repeats her iconic rhetorical question.  The second is an earlier account from an Abolitionist newspaper. Both versions are short, compelling, and easy for students to understand.

In my class, I ask for volunteers to read them out loud so students can hear the power in her words and better differentiate between the 2 speeches.

Following the 2 versions is a worksheet with open-ended analysis questions designed to get your students thinking critically about Truth's words and the differences between the two accounts.

I love this resource because it is an primary source that is engrossing and in language students can comprehend. It's a great way to get them into more primary sources.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

PS: You can get this primary source analysis activity PLUS over 500 more amazing teaching resources and lessons for World or American History through a monthly subscription to my site!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

LGBTQ History Activity for Social Studies

This lesson plan activity on the Lavender Scare of the 1950's is excellent for incorporating LGBT your Cold War unit!

The downloadable activity includes an article on the history of the "Lavender Scare". This period of fear and paranoia in the United States coincided with the Red Scare and saw thousands of government employees lose their jobs for being homosexual.

The article details how Senator Joseph McCarthy - of McCarthyism infamy - connected homosexuality to communism and un-American activities.

Soon after, newly elected President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued Executive Order 10450, which led to a crackdown on homosexuality throughout the government and government contractors. The article goes on to connect the scare through to President Clinton's repeal of it and his "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and finally President Obama's repeal of that.

After the article is reading comprehension activity with a worksheet and questions designed to help students think critically about what they learned.  This includes an answer key for your convenience.

Finally, this activity concludes with an extension activity with links to primary sources for students to analyze. These can be used for a collaborative learning activity with students delving into the Congressional reports, Executive Orders, and documents mentioned in the article.

You can download this great LGBTQ activity here.

Thanks so much for checking this out!

Monday, May 8, 2017

World Religions Lessons for Middle & High School

This fantastic download on the major World Religions features engaging activities on each religion for an entire unit!

Your download features 6 folders stocked full of resources on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, plus Chinese philosophies of Legalism, Confucianism, and Daoism!

Inside each of the individual folders are reading worksheets, PowerPoints, interactive notebook activities, worksheets, projects, & a lot more!

In this one download, you get close to 60 teaching resources!

Everything you need is there, including an overview PowerPoint on all of the religions, multiple resources on each religion, reading materials, review worksheets, PowerPoints with guided notes pages, a review game, this 40-question editable unit test with answer key and more!

Plus, you also get a cooperative learning research project on World Religions, this PowerPoint on the Founding & Growth of Christianity, this gigantic Islamic Civilizations Unit Bundle, and much, much more!

All of the resources are numbered by day throughout and a unit guide provides suggestions on how to implement all of the resources with your students!

You can download this amazing unit of activities right here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

America's Meet Sumo Wrestlers for the 1st Time

This engaging primary source reading activity describes a colorful encounter between American sailors on the Matthew Perry expedition to Japan of 1852–1854 and a group of Japanese sumo wrestlers.

The primary source article includes a brief introduction to help students understand the background, then the short excerpt reading. This is a fantastic, colorful primary source that students can easily visualize and appreciate. The article is followed by a 1 page set of reading analysis questions.

One of my goals each year is to increase my students' reading skills and comprehension. I found that using short (1 page or so) readings like this that are interesting for students while also highlighting historic events is an awesome way to improve their reading and understanding of the events.

An answer key is also provided in the download for your convenience.

You can download this awesome resource for your classes by clicking here.

Thanks so much for looking!

PS: As a reminder, you can get this resource PLUS over 500 more amazing teaching activities for World or American History through a simple monthly subscription to my site! Joining gives you immediate access to every engaging resource — each highly reviewed by thousands of teachers across the world! Save yourself time, energy, and sanity by joining today!

The Real History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most misunderstood holidays in America. The first week in May, every Mexican restaurant starts promoting specials and many people assume that it is Mexico's independence day. I found that none of my students knew anything about the real history of the holiday and wanted to change that! I created this resource to do just that.

The holiday actually commemorates a victory at the 1862 Battle of Puebla. This was a massive and unexpected victory for the Mexican army against a much larger French force. In Mexico, the holiday is primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla,where it is known as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla.

This fantastic Common Core-aligned reading is excellent for a quick lesson on the history of Cinco de Mayo! The one page article explains the history of Cinco de Mayo, its meaning, and how it is celebrated today.

Following the 1 page article is a set of reading analysis questions to gauge student understanding and allow them to share an opinion on why the holiday has become so popular in the United States. An answer key for this is included for your convenience.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check it out!

PS: As a reminder, you can get this resource PLUS over 500 more amazing teaching activities for World or American History through a simple monthly subscription to my site! Joining gives you immediate access to every engaging resource — each highly reviewed by thousands of teachers across the world! Save yourself time, energy, and sanity by joining today!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ancient Rome Lesson Bundle - Almost 50 Activities to Teach about Rome

This fantastic bundle on Ancient Rome includes over 40 amazing teaching resources to create engaging and rigorous lessons on Ancient Rome.
From the founding of Rome through the Republic, Roman Empire, and finally Rome’s decline & fall — the lessons are all here planned out for you!
All of the following engaging resources are included in this bundle:
PLUS: in this download you also get two PowerPoints on Early Rome, worksheets on Nero persecuting Christians, everyday Romans, the Twelve Tables, a study guide, primary source document analysis projects, guided note pages for each PowerPoint, review games, and 2 different versions of an editable Unit Test both with answer keys!
Plus every resource is neatly organized by day along with a unit guide that explains exactly how to implement every lesson.
Your entire 3 weeks will be completely planned out for you! This is an excellent time saver and includes many wonderful teaching materials. Be sure to click on each of the links above for more info on the included resources!
You can download this entire set of amazing resources to use right away but clicking here!
If you are looking for even more great resources for teaching Ancient History, you can download this unit PLUS 3 more as part of the World History MEGA Bundle #1 — Prehistory to Ancient Rome!
Thanks for looking!
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