Thursday, September 6, 2018

Students of History's New Lesson Plans and Resources

The school year recently started and you may be starting to feel that stress of lesson planning for your social studies classes. When I first started teaching, this would be a serious stress every night as I couldn't sleep unless I have the next day's classes thoroughly prepped and ready. You may not have that level of anxiety but no matter what, it can be a time drain on your life.

I developed a site a couple years ago with a goal of easing that stress on teachers. At first, I just had resources organized by day and unit. This year, I'm upping the game with new lesson plans for EVERY DAY of the year!

Each day now has a short, easy-to-follow lesson plan with links to videos, Google Docs, suggestions for differentiation, and more. PLUS there are engaging resources and activities for every day - often with several to choose from that work best for your students.

These are available for:

Each curricula is thorough enough so you don't have to plan for the entire year. There's station activities to get students moving and active, primary source analysis to get students in-depth with the content, interactive notebooks, digital Google Drive notebook sets, PowerPoints with guided notes and graphic organizers, review games, videos, assessments, and more!

The lesson plans detail how to best use all of the resources in your class. They're simple so you're not scanning through long documents and standards about how to use the resources. While they're simple, they're also engaging for students. They involve multiple activities to keep students active and ensure that they are learning for the full time in each class - whether that's 90 minute blocks or 45 minute periods that meet every day.

You can download a bunch of free resources here to see the kind of high-quality, engaging classroom activities you'll have for every day of the year. Then, you can join for a month or a whole year - there's no long term commitment. Download as much as you like and never stress about lesson planning for your social studies classes again!