Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Absolute Monarchs and Enlightenment Interactive Notebook

This great new download features 14 Interactive Notebook pages on Absolute Monarchs and the Age of Enlightenment. These creative, engaging Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldables, timelines, and more!

Monarchs Notebook Lesson

These are incredible resources for getting students engaged and active in their learning and allowing them to be creative with their notes.

Topics covered include:

♛ Causes and Effects of Absolutism
♛  Louis XIV and the Palace of Versailles
♛ Peter the Great & Russia
♛ Philip II of Spain
♛ England;s defeat of the Spanish Armada
♛ Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War
♛ England's transition to a Constitutional Monarchy
♛ William & Mary and The Glorious Revolution
♛ Enlightenment Ideas
♛ Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Rousseau, and Montesquieu
♛ Mozart, Beethoven, Delacroix and Enlightenment culture
♛ Enlightenment and Revolution
♛  Vocabulary activities and more!

Absolute Monarchs Interactive Notebook  Absolute Monarchs Interactive Notebook

These resources are sure to help your students enjoy learning about the Absolutism and Enlightenment and have a better understanding of important concepts, events, and people. You can also find more great resources for teaching about this era in this Complete Enlightenment and Absolute Monarchs Unit Bundle!

Thanks for looking!

You can download this great resource for your classes by clicking here!