Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two New 3D Foldable Lessons for Elementary Students

Just posted two great new products to our store today!

The first is a lesson you can download here about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This fun, hands-on project has students creating their own bus after reading the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Included is a short, one-page story about Rosa Parks and how the famous bus boycott began. Students then use the includes templates to cut out and color buses based off pictures of the actual bus Rosa Parks was arrested on. On top of the bus, students then write an adjective that describes Rosa Parks based on the story and present it to the class. 

Other lesson ideas are includes as well, including: a taking notes, a role-play, watching a linked video, and writing a passage on what they would do. Two bus template cut outs are included: one colored already and one your students can color. This is a fantastic, fun activity to help your students get to know a civil rights hero!

The second project is about Abraham Lincoln and can be downloaded by clicking here. This similar "craftivity" has your students read a short, one page story about President Abraham Lincoln and his two most famous works: the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address.

Students then create a 3D figure of Lincoln holding both documents with an included cut & fold template. They must summarize the importance of both documents onto the cut-out based on what they read. The completed figure makes for a wonderful classroom decoration and displays their learning through the two summaries.

There are two templates to choose from: one in color already and one your students can color. This is a wonderful activity for your visual and kinesthetic learners and great way to reinforce the significance of Lincoln's famous words!

Both of these lessons can be found in our store -

Thank you for looking!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Ultimate American History Review Packet!

If you are looking for an American History review, I promise you cannot do better than this downloadable package!

Included in this zipped download is a 17 page packet and 34 slide Powerpoint that covers ALL essential information students need to know based on state and Common Core Standards! The printable packet is organized into units. Each page covers a new topic (The Colonies, Declaring Independence, etc) with simple graphic organizers to help students organize and understand all information. The units go all the way through to modern America and Presidents Bush and Obama.


The Powerpoint corresponds directly with the packet and contains completed notes for each unit that you can present to students as they fill in the graphic organizers. Complex topics are broken down for students to easily comprehend in preparation for final exams and testing.

You can also edit the Powepoint to add or take away items specific to your classroom!

I usually present 2-3 pages per day to students as we begin to review about 2 weeks before our final testing. Since implementing this review strategy, my classes have seen consistently high pass rates. For students in need remediation, printing off the completed powerpoint is an excellent way to provide an amazing study guide.

You can download this complete package with the powerpoint and printable packet by clicking here.

Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

World War II Resource Bundle

This is a wonderful, all-encompassing 36-page bundle of resources to teach about World War II. It includes all the printables, readings, and worksheets you would need to teach your students about the war.

It includes ALL of the following individual resources:

1. Document Worksheet on the American Homefront During World War II

2. Analyzing President Truman's Diary Entry on the Atomic Bomb

3. Analyzing Adolf Hitler's Speeches Worksheet

4. Japanese Internment Camps Primary Source Reading & Worksheet 

5. Charles Lindbergh's speech on US isolationism and World War II

6. World War II Plaques Project (Navajo Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airmen, Women, & Nisei)


7. Seven one-page readings on important battles of World War II (Pearl Harbor, Midway, El Alamein, D-Day, Stalingrad, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa) and an assignment to create an illustrated timeline of the war based off the readings.

8. A complete 44 question test on World War II.

All 8 of those items above are included for one low price. You are getting all the homework and in-class activities you would need to teach a unit on World War II. All of these items for sale individually would be about $13 and still not include all of the resources you are getting here!

Click here to download these resources for your classes!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Historical Superhero Project

This amazing project can be implemented into any unit as a fun way for students to demonstrate their learning! Let your students show off their creativity in creating a superhero or supervillain out of a historical figure you have learned about.

My students have turned Harriet Tubman into "Moses the Great" and Henry Ford into the evil "Model-T Pain". Each superhero and villain must include abilities, weaknesses, and an origin story based off of things your students learned about these people.

Included in this download are a template for the project, official example and rubric, and 3 exemplary student examples. This makes for a great final project, review activity, or ongoing assignment. My students put a lot of thought and creativity into this and loved presenting their figure to the class!

Definitely a wonderful project for your students to demonstrate their learning!

You can download this lesson for your students by clicking here!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The History of St. Patrick's Day

Here is a great reading for students on the history of St. Patrick's Day and who Saint Patrick really was. A great resource for younger students who are interested in why the holiday is connect to Ireland and the cultural connections involved. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure Along the Underground Railroad

This fantastic, interactive story brings your students into history! In this reading, students assume the role of a slave in 1852 who is given a chance to runaway with Harriet Tubman along the underground railroad.

However, they can choose to stay or go and the story changes based off of the choices they make throughout the story. Similar to the old Choose Your Own Adventure stories you might have read as a kid, this is a fantastic way to teach students about how the Underground Railroad worked and the dangers escaped slaves faced.

My students loved this and read each different scenario to see what would have happened if they had made different choices. While a fictional story, all information is based off historic accounts and is aligned with state and Common Core Standards.

A set of questions for students to answer based on their choices is included as well. This makes for an excellent in class reading or homework assignment for your social studies classes!

There is also a FREE preview file that you can download this amazing story for your classes by clicking here!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day Productivity!

With this blizzard still raging outside DC, I tried to be productive and uploaded several new lessons onto TpT.

First up is a fantastic 29 slide overview of the Great Depression and FDR's New Deal:

This powerpoint contains some amazing pictures, graphics, and information about every aspect of the Great Depression and is a great companion to the Great Depression graphic organizer posted earlier.

Next is a primary source letter was written by Anne Boleyn to her husband, King Henry VIII from the Tower of London after her arrest in 1536. In in, she makes an impassioned plea for mercy and a fair trial and insists on her innocence.

Or course, she was found guilty of high treason however and beheaded. It makes for a wonderful reading for your World History, World English, and social studies student because the reading level is just challenging enough and from a dramatic moment in history.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Causes and Characteristics of the Great Depression Worksheet

One of the skills I find my students need help with is the ability to effectively classify information from history.  I had taken this for granted in my early years teaching, but now make sure that I work on this skill every so often.

For our Great Depression unit, I use this graphic organizer worksheet, which lists 15 different aspects of the Great Depression and New Deal.

Students must classify each into one of 4 boxes at the top: Causes of the Great Depression, Characteristics of the Great Depression, Characteristics of the New Deal, and Long Term Effects of the Depression. This is fantastic for your students to think about cause and effect as well as the difference between the New Deal and the Depression.

This worksheet is really effective for my students at helping them to classify essential information. This file can be downloaded for your classes here. An answer key is included for your convenience. Thank you for looking!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let Snoop Dogg Help Your Students Learn US History!

My newest resource is one of the most fun worksheets my students go crazy for all year long. Each of these is a cloze reading activity that includes vocabulary from American History and a story translated into "Snoop Dogg" speak about a different topic.

The result is a hilarious overview of each unit in American history. Each is one page and can be completed by students as an in-class activity, for homework, or to review before a test.

You can download all of them as a bundle from here. Each is available individually as well.

The first one you can download covers the early American colonies, including Jamestown, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, and the growing discontent with British rule.

The second Snoop Dogg review available for download reviews the causes, events, and outcomes of the American Revolution. The third is an overview of America's early years. This one also available for download covers the early presidents, War of 1812, Age of Jackson, sectionalism, and the Trail of Tears.

Lastly, this 1 page cloze reading covers all major aspects of the Civil War and Reconstruction eras in the same Snoop speak.

I know your students will LOVE these as much as mine do! Guaranteed they will complete these and comprehend all the essential knowledge because it's fun! :)