Sunday, March 10, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure Along the Underground Railroad

This fantastic, interactive story brings your students into history! In this reading, students assume the role of a slave in 1852 who is given a chance to runaway with Harriet Tubman along the underground railroad.

However, they can choose to stay or go and the story changes based off of the choices they make throughout the story. Similar to the old Choose Your Own Adventure stories you might have read as a kid, this is a fantastic way to teach students about how the Underground Railroad worked and the dangers escaped slaves faced.

My students loved this and read each different scenario to see what would have happened if they had made different choices. While a fictional story, all information is based off historic accounts and is aligned with state and Common Core Standards.

A set of questions for students to answer based on their choices is included as well. This makes for an excellent in class reading or homework assignment for your social studies classes!

There is also a FREE preview file that you can download this amazing story for your classes by clicking here!

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