Monday, March 4, 2013

Causes and Characteristics of the Great Depression Worksheet

One of the skills I find my students need help with is the ability to effectively classify information from history.  I had taken this for granted in my early years teaching, but now make sure that I work on this skill every so often.

For our Great Depression unit, I use this graphic organizer worksheet, which lists 15 different aspects of the Great Depression and New Deal.

Students must classify each into one of 4 boxes at the top: Causes of the Great Depression, Characteristics of the Great Depression, Characteristics of the New Deal, and Long Term Effects of the Depression. This is fantastic for your students to think about cause and effect as well as the difference between the New Deal and the Depression.

This worksheet is really effective for my students at helping them to classify essential information. This file can be downloaded for your classes here. An answer key is included for your convenience. Thank you for looking!

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