Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New World History Interactive Notebooks for the Renaissance and Reformation

I finally finished all my Interactive Notebooks for US History earlier this month so  it's on to World History now!

I started with this set of 14 Interactive Notebook pages on the Renaissance and Reformation. These creative, engaging Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldables, timelines, and more! These are incredible resources for getting students engaged and active in their learning and allowing them to be creative with their notes.


Topics covered include:

• What is a "Renaissance Man"?
• Why did it begin in Italy?
• Leonardo da Vinci's works
• Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel's ceiling
• Renaissance Humanism
• Writers and literary works of the Renaissance
• The Northern Renaissance
• The works of William Shakespeare
• Martin Luther, the 95 Theses, & problems in the Catholic Church
• Henry VIII and his wives
• Gutenberg and the printing press
• The Counter Reformation & Council of Trent
• Vocabulary activities and more!

These resources are sure to help your students enjoy learning about the Renaissance and Reformation and have a better understanding of important concepts, events, and people. You can also find more great resources for teaching about this era in this Complete Renaissance and Reformation Unit Bundle!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Inside North Korea Lesson Plan Resources for The Interview

Ever since the Sony hack and reports that North Korea attempted to disrupt the release of Seth Rogen & James Franco's new movie The Interview, my students have been really curious about what North Korea is really like. 

Fortunately, my brother was lucky enough to travel there years ago. He visited the "Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum" in Pyongyang to learn about their perspective on the Korean War (which you can pretty much get right from the title) and brought back some amazing resources. 

I put them together to create this awesome lesson plan on the Korean War from North Korea's perspective. Students analyze a set of documents and images from North Korea and compare them to how their own textbook describes the conflict and results. The lesson includes 20 pages of images and documents along with a document analysis worksheet, and suggested extension activities. 

This is a really great, engaging lesson plan to help your students understand North Korea. You can download it for use in your classroom by clicking here