Monday, July 15, 2013

Jamestown Colony PowerPoint Lesson Plan

This is a visually-stunning, highly-engaging PowerPoint on Jamestown colony. Over 25 slides, it presents the background on the Virginia Company and its founding through the House of Burgesses and the growth of Jamestown.

Based on state and Common Core Standards, this presentation covers every significant aspect of the colony including the Starving Time, John Smith, John Rolfe, indentured servants, and more! Each slide includes amazing pictures and images that will captivate your students.



It includes a warm up activity and concludes with an embedded Youtube video about Jamestown that connects to the world today.

You can download this amazing PowerPoint for your classes here

For an excellent companion activity, this Jamestown Colony Primary Source Play With Worksheet that can be acted out in class during this PowerPoint.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daily Warm Up Question for ALL of World History!

This amazing 150 slide PowerPoint covers ALL of World history from the Paleolithic Era through modern times! This fantastic resource combines both of these amazing products:

1. Daily Warm Up Questions for World History I - covers early human history through the Renaissance.


2. Daily Warm Up Questions for World History II - covers the Renaissance through to the present day.


Each day. I start my block classes with these to get students on task the minute they enter the room. It is an amazing classroom management tool and way to provide constant reflection and connect each day's lesson to what students learned the day before. The questions are written at a level that is easy for middle and high school students to understand. Save time and money by purchasing this bundle with more than enough slides to last you all year long!

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