Friday, June 5, 2015

Year-End Teacher Evaluation Survey for Students & Reflective Teachers

This download is a 2 page end-of-course survey for students to complete about your class to help you the teacher better understand how the year when and reflect on what to change for the next year.

The first page includes 12 statements about your class that students rate from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree". Each of these statements is something that surely apply to any social studies class. Some examples are:

"The grading system was fair"
"In class assignments were useful and helped me to learn the material.
"The amount of homework was fair."

There are also 4 editable blank spaces for you or your students to add your additional class characteristics to rate.

On the 2nd page are 6 open-ended response questions in which students are asked to explain what they liked, disliked, and more about the class.

This is a great tool for effective reflective teaching practices. Each year I give my students this survey to complete anonymously for invaluable feedback about what helped them learn most throughout the year. Every year I gain a new insight about an aspect of my teaching that makes me a better teacher.

You can download it here and use it before the year is out!