Monday, March 25, 2013

The Ultimate American History Review Packet!

If you are looking for an American History review, I promise you cannot do better than this downloadable package!

Included in this zipped download is a 17 page packet and 34 slide Powerpoint that covers ALL essential information students need to know based on state and Common Core Standards! The printable packet is organized into units. Each page covers a new topic (The Colonies, Declaring Independence, etc) with simple graphic organizers to help students organize and understand all information. The units go all the way through to modern America and Presidents Bush and Obama.


The Powerpoint corresponds directly with the packet and contains completed notes for each unit that you can present to students as they fill in the graphic organizers. Complex topics are broken down for students to easily comprehend in preparation for final exams and testing.

You can also edit the Powepoint to add or take away items specific to your classroom!

I usually present 2-3 pages per day to students as we begin to review about 2 weeks before our final testing. Since implementing this review strategy, my classes have seen consistently high pass rates. For students in need remediation, printing off the completed powerpoint is an excellent way to provide an amazing study guide.

You can download this complete package with the powerpoint and printable packet by clicking here.

Thank you for looking!

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