Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let Snoop Dogg Help Your Students Learn US History!

My newest resource is one of the most fun worksheets my students go crazy for all year long. Each of these is a cloze reading activity that includes vocabulary from American History and a story translated into "Snoop Dogg" speak about a different topic.

The result is a hilarious overview of each unit in American history. Each is one page and can be completed by students as an in-class activity, for homework, or to review before a test.

You can download all of them as a bundle from here. Each is available individually as well.

The first one you can download covers the early American colonies, including Jamestown, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, and the growing discontent with British rule.

The second Snoop Dogg review available for download reviews the causes, events, and outcomes of the American Revolution. The third is an overview of America's early years. This one also available for download covers the early presidents, War of 1812, Age of Jackson, sectionalism, and the Trail of Tears.

Lastly, this 1 page cloze reading covers all major aspects of the Civil War and Reconstruction eras in the same Snoop speak.

I know your students will LOVE these as much as mine do! Guaranteed they will complete these and comprehend all the essential knowledge because it's fun! :)