Monday, March 18, 2013

Historical Superhero Project

This amazing project can be implemented into any unit as a fun way for students to demonstrate their learning! Let your students show off their creativity in creating a superhero or supervillain out of a historical figure you have learned about.

My students have turned Harriet Tubman into "Moses the Great" and Henry Ford into the evil "Model-T Pain". Each superhero and villain must include abilities, weaknesses, and an origin story based off of things your students learned about these people.

Included in this download are a template for the project, official example and rubric, and 3 exemplary student examples. This makes for a great final project, review activity, or ongoing assignment. My students put a lot of thought and creativity into this and loved presenting their figure to the class!

Definitely a wonderful project for your students to demonstrate their learning!

You can download this lesson for your students by clicking here!

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