Tuesday, June 27, 2017

World History 2 SOL Review Materials

This awesome World History 2 SOL review packet is by far the best way to get your students prepared for a final exam! It includes a complete 19 page packet and 37 slide PowerPoint presentation on a complete year of material.

The 19 pages each cover a unit of World History:

  1. World Empires at 1500
  2. The Renaissance
  3. The Reformation
  4. The Age of Exploration
  5. Absolute Monarchs
  6. The Enlightenment
  7. Revolutions in Science & Society
  8. Latin American Revolutions
  9. Nationalism
  10. The Industrial Revolutions
  11. Imperialism
  12. World War I
  13. The Inter-War Period
  14. World War II
  15. Genocides
  16. The Cold War
  17. Independence Movements
  18. The Modern World
  19. World Religions

Each page is filled with fantastic graphic organizers, visuals, and outlines to help students understand key information. All information is based on state and Common Core Standards and focused on helping students focus on essential topics.

When completed, this packet makes for a perfect study guide for World History. Every single vocabulary term, important figure, and event from the year is included! I guarantee your students will have a greater comprehension of the entire curriculum.

I begin reviewing with this packet and PowerPoint about 2 weeks before our SOL and cover a few pages a day and my students always do amazing on the SOL test!

Thank you for looking!

You can download this awesome World 2 SOL review packet here!

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