Friday, June 23, 2017

New US History Curriculum Packages with free LIFETIME Updates!

Over the past few years of creating new resources, I added more and more to the point that my Complete US History Curriculum was too big to be hosted online (about 1.6 GB). As a result, I made it available only on a USB flash drive that I would mail out.

However, TpT recently increased their file size limit up to 1 GB. While this still isn't big enough to hold ALL my American History resources, it is big enough to break the curriculum up into 2 halves! 


As a result, I created 2 new Complete Curriculum packages for US History! These are: 

This bundle of over 300 resources covers the Age of Exploration through the Reconstruction Era. There are 10 complete units full of resources: 
This bundle covers The Gilded Age to Modern America and includes almost 400 total teaching resources and 9 Complete Units: 
Both packages also include my popular Daily Warm Up Activities for US History along with amazing resources like:  

Best of all, these 2 downloads give you free updates for life! Every new resource that I add in the future for US History will get added to these 2 bundles. That means more Google Classroom activities, projects, interactive notebooks, and more! 

These resources are thorough, rigorous, and hyper-engaging. Your students will love your class and you'll finally have time to devote to their needs instead of stressing about planning.

You can download them here:

 US History Part 1

 US History Part 2

I promise you you'll love these packages! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. I bought all the files back when you were still sending the flash drives. Can I get the free updates as well? (

  2. Hi Tina & Dairrai - thanks so much for the support! Unforatunely I don't have a way to send updates to the flash drives which were mailed out. That's one of the reasons I switched over to these new digital downloads. If you purchased one though, you likely have 90%+ of the curriculum already though.