Monday, June 5, 2017

Secession of the South Lesson Plan and Activities

This fantastic lesson plan allows your students to analyze different primary sources related to Southern states seceding from the Union prior to the Civil War.

The activity is very easily adaptable for different grade levels and students. It can be done individually or in small  groups with students working together to analyze the printed copies. You can also do the activity digitally through included Google Docs version!

The complete lesson plan includes all of the following :

  • A 2-page worksheet students use to analyze the primary sources
  •  An excerpt from a speech by the Confederate Vice President 
  • Mississippi's Declaration of Secession
  • 2 primary source political cartoons
  • Extension activity for class debate on secession
  • A digital (and editable) Google Docs version of the resource
  • Teacher directions page with included key

This is an awesome lesson to help your students better understand the real reasons the South seceded from the Union by analyzing the actual primary sources from the era.

The activity can also be downloaded as part of the Civil War & Reconstruction Unit Bundle with over 50 awesome resources for teaching all about the Civil War!

Thanks for stopping by to check it out!
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