Monday, July 10, 2017

Watergate Scandal Lesson Activity

One of the most important lessons in US History is the Watergate Scandal and how it transitions us from the Cold War to Modern America. Today's distrust of politicians and disillusionment in our government really stems from this period.

To teach my US History classes about Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal, I use this engaging lesson plan.

This great activity that you can download here, includes a PowerPoint overview with guided notes plus a primary source analysis activity!

The PowerPoint starts off with a bell-ringer activity then covers Nixon's presidency from his election in 1968 to his resignation in 1974. It guides students through the complex Watergate scandal with simple, easy-to-follow notes on the key players, developments, and events of the Watergate Scandal.

Next, students analyze a primary source from the scandal. Included are images of the source along with a transcription, worksheet, and timeline of the events of the scandal.

A teacher directions page features links to videos plus steps on how to use each resource.

Finally, your download includes both printable and Google Docs versions of the primary source analysis activity! If you've gone paperless  or  want to integrate more digital resources, there's a link to bring this resource into Google Classroom!

This is an excellent lesson plan to help students understand the transition to the modern presidency and distrust of politicians. You can download it all for your classes here!

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