Thursday, July 13, 2017

Updated World War 2 Unit Plan!

I just gave my World War 2 Unit Plan Bundle a big update and it now includes over 50 activities for teaching everything about WW2 for either World or US History!

This awesome package features interactive notebook pages, Google Drive, PowerPoints, projects, dozens of primary and secondary source readings and activities, review materials, assessments, and more.

These are truly some amazing teaching resources and I know they will be awesome for your classes. I have used them myself for years now and refined them and added to the unit each year. Now, there's so many activities that you have choices each day about which resource you want to use. For example, on day 2 of the unit, there are 3 different reading activities. You can select one for your whole class or have students do different ones in groups!


It truly makes for an incredible and interactive unit in your social studies class. You can preview the entire unit here. It includes a Unit Planning Guide plus review materials at the end, including Jeopardy, task cards, and more. Then there's multiple tests to pick from which you can edit as well!

I promise this will be one of your best units of the whole year - packed full of exciting and egaging activities!

You can download this awesome World War 2 unit plan here!

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