Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New for Teacher Appreciation Week - Snoop Dogg's World History Review!

This fantastic, hilarious cloze reading activity covers 77 major vocabulary terms from the World History topics of the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, and Absolute Monarchs.

Each page includes a word bank at the top, and then a reading in which students fill in the blanks. The reading has been translated into "Snoop Speak" to make it a little more fun for your students. Here is a sample paragraph:

"The bootylicious wealth amassed by _____________ weakened tha' church’s authority in Italy. The Catholic Church was also seen as ___________ due ta tha' sale of _____________, which forgave yo sins fo` a price. This was seen as a way ta buy yo way into ____________ , ya feel me?" 

My students absolutely LOVE these Snoop review guides and laugh their way through completing them. I know it helps them to remember these key concepts as I hear them quoting it afterwards. It also requires a little more concentration, which increases their reading comprehension.

You can download this today to review before your state assessment, final exams, or to go along with each of these units as you cover them!


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