Tuesday, May 7, 2013

National Teacher Appreciation Day!

It's finally here! For over 200 days a year teachers work countless hours and weekends stressing over lessons plans and grading piles of paper with scarcely a thank you from any student. But today I hope every teacher out there feels the love and appreciation that is due to them. Whether its from your students, administration, parents, or even just a free sandwich from Chick-fil-a or burrito from Chipotle - you deserve it!

Teachers challenge and encourage and listen and support and

As a small thank you from me, everything in the Students of History store is 28% off with the promo code TAD13 at check-out. I added and updated many items - including the most-wish-listed item - One Year of Daily Warm Up Questions or Exit Tickets for American History!

This amazing PowerPoint was recently updated so it is now up to 120 SLIDES! Each slide features 3-4 questions that engage students and connect to prior learning.

All the slides are beautifully arranged with fantastic pictures, maps, and graphics. They cover every major topic in US History from the first colony at Jamestown through President Obama. A wonderful way to engage students the minute they walk into your classroom.

This is something you can use every day throughout an entire school year and on sale now for just $5.59 through tomorrow along with countless other items! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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