Thursday, May 2, 2013

Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan & PowerPoint

This is a truly amazing, visually-engaging 26-slide PowerPoint presentation on the key events, people, and challenges of the Civil Rights Movement.

Each slide is beautifully arranged with excellent pictures and focused text that gives students essential information in a simple way for them to understand what is important. It includes fantastic quotes from Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy as well as 3 embedded Youtube videos, political cartoons, a warm up, and an exit ticket.

The lesson highlights the accomplishments of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X as well as focusing on their methods for achieving change. Events covered include the March on Washington, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act, and 1968 Summer Olympics.

Your American History and Civics students will definitely realize the power of these amazing people and be able to see and hear their inspirational words with this lesson. This is definitely one of my students' memorable classes from the year.


You can download this amazing lesson plan for your students by clicking here! It is only $4.99 for teachers everywhere in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Thanks for looking!

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