Monday, May 20, 2013

Beverly Hills Cop Test Review Game!

This download is one of my favorite activities to do as we review for our state assessments every year! It is an amazing way to “trick” students into taking a test and working together!

Best of all, this lesson can be used for any subject and any test! Included is a directions sheet, answer sheet pages for 25, 50, and 100 question tests/games and a directions page.

The Beverly Hills Cop Review game has students placed in pairs with a "good cop" who analyzes each question carefully and a "bad cop" who wants to go with his gut and answer each question as quickly as possible. Working together they have to race to complete a test and score above 90%. It creates a wonderful lesson on test-taking strategies and using cooperative learning to prepare for a state assessment, final exam, or any major test!

You can download this lesson here for use in ANY class and ANY subject!

Check out this link for more great review activities, packets, bundles, and games.

Thanks for looking!

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