Friday, May 17, 2013

Ancient History Weekend Sale!

I've been working hard lately to build up my resources for ancient history and have recently posted three new items. All three will be available this weekend for just a buck! After that, they'll all still be available for a great price!

The first is a creative project to help students understand the accomplishments of the great Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Students create campaign posters as if Justinian was running for president of the United States that highlight his accomplishments as Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. These can be created on poster paper or electronically using Glogster.

Next is a primary source account of how children in the Greek city-state of Sparta were raised to become the fierce warriors they are famous for being. The 1-page excerpt from The Lives of Plutarch has been edited so that it is easy for students to understand and relate to. It tells of the many incredibly difficult things children in Sparta went through to become soldiers and how harshly they were treated.

Finally, I added an excellent, easy to understand history of ancient Egypt's 3 major periods: the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom. A short paragraph explains the key characteristics of each one, including the pyramids, pharaohs, and why each came to an end. After completing the reading, students analyze a list of characteristics and place each under the Egyptian kingdom that it best describes.

Remember, each of these is just $1 through this weekend! You will be able to find more ancient history resources as I add them here.

Thanks for visiting and as always, please let me know if you have any questions! 

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