Wednesday, April 19, 2017

World War II Lessons and Activities Unit Plan Set

This World War 2 Unit Plan includes over 50 awesome lessons and classroom activities in one easy download!
In one clearly-organized folder you will receive 10 PowerPoints, 8 student projects and cooperative learning activities, 10 reading resources and worksheets, review games and materials, a unit test with answer key, and more! There's over 50 resources in all!

Imagine having 3+ full weeks to a month completely planned out, FULL of visually-engaging, interactive activities for each day!
All of the following awesome teaching materials are INCLUDED with this one simple download:

You will also receive all of the great resources in this World War II Teaching Resource Bundle included as well!
PLUS even more great resources not available online, including a mapping the war PowerPoint, Jeopardy-style review game, and test and answer key! Also included is a simple directions page explaining pacing and the best way to use all of the resources over about 12 class periods.
Please download the free preview here for a more in depth look at all of the included resources. You can also click on all the links above for more about each specific resource.  
Priced individually, all of these resources would be over $60, so this bundled lesson plan set is a fantastic deal! 
Thanks so much for checking it out!

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