Wednesday, April 26, 2017

George Washington ESOL & SPED Activity Set

This George Washington reading and lesson set features a 1-page biography of George Washington and 5 different resources to pair with it!

The biography of George Washington is written in very simple English and designed for early ESOL classes or SPED students.I first used this with classes of 9th & 10th grade ELL students very successfully. These students were mostly Level 1 and 2 students who had only been in the US for a year or less. This was a great way to introduce them to our Founding Father!
This resource would also be an excellent activity for SPED students who are struggling readers. The activities include:
  • A timeline for students to complete based on the reading
  • A cut & paste interactive notebook-style graphic organizer on Washington’s life
  • The same graphic organizer on Washington’s life, but without cutting or pasting
  • A worksheet of 7 questions based on the reading
  • A vocabulary page for students to use with words from the reading

A teacher directions page is also included along with answer keys for the timeline and worksheet. Pictures of a completed graphic organizer are included as well to help students visualize what it should look like when they are finished.
These activities are definitely engaging and will help students learn about our first president while working on their reading and writing skills. Check out the preview here for a closer look at each page from the download!
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