Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ancient Rome Lesson Bundle - Almost 50 Activities to Teach about Rome

This fantastic bundle on Ancient Rome includes over 40 amazing teaching resources to create engaging and rigorous lessons on Ancient Rome.
From the founding of Rome through the Republic, Roman Empire, and finally Rome’s decline & fall — the lessons are all here planned out for you!
All of the following engaging resources are included in this bundle:
PLUS: in this download you also get two PowerPoints on Early Rome, worksheets on Nero persecuting Christians, everyday Romans, the Twelve Tables, a study guide, primary source document analysis projects, guided note pages for each PowerPoint, review games, and 2 different versions of an editable Unit Test both with answer keys!
Plus every resource is neatly organized by day along with a unit guide that explains exactly how to implement every lesson.
Your entire 3 weeks will be completely planned out for you! This is an excellent time saver and includes many wonderful teaching materials. Be sure to click on each of the links above for more info on the included resources!
You can download this entire set of amazing resources to use right away but clicking here!
If you are looking for even more great resources for teaching Ancient History, you can download this unit PLUS 3 more as part of the World History MEGA Bundle #1 — Prehistory to Ancient Rome!
Thanks for looking!
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