Sunday, April 2, 2017

Civil Rights Movement Activity Bundle

This awesome Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan bundle includes 25 engaging activities to teach a student-centered unit on the people, events, and history of the Civil Rights Movement in America. 
The whole unit is based on state standards and years of successful classroom experience!

All of the following individual resources are included. Be sure to click on each one for images, details, and reviews:
  1. Civil Rights Road Trip Lesson inspired by the "Freedom Riders" with 7 one page readings on major events of the Civil Rights Movement that students read as they travel around the room.
  2. A visually-engaging 26-slide Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint Presentationwith embedded videos, great images, quotes, and more.
  3. Rosa Parks Primary Source Documents Activity - with 3 documents and questions.
  4. A worksheet on the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court Case with a reading and questions.
  5. An overview of the Kent State Shootings that includes a background reading and comprehension questions.
  6. A worksheet titled Stetson Kennedy & Superman Vs. the Klan on how the popular children's radio show helped humiliate the KKK.
  7. A fantastic "craftivity" - Rosa Parks Bus 3D Foldable Project & Reading in which students create 3D buses based on Rosa Parks achievements.
  8. A worksheet titled Supreme Court & Civil Rights that details landmark Supreme Court Cases like Brown v. the Board of Education.
  9. A selection of pages from the Interactive Notebook Pages for the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement
  10. This fantastic, hands-on primary source of Eisenhower's Response to the Little Rock Crisis Reading & Interactive Notebook
  11. This fun and engaging pop-up Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" Primary Sources and Interactive Notebook
  12. This new Civil Rights Movement Google Drive Interactive Notebook set!
PLUS you will also receive an additional 14 more resources! These include short biographies of civil rights leaders, additional worksheets, another PowerPoint, a quiz, review materials, and more!
All of these great activities are organized to follow a complete 2 week unit, including a unit guide that you can see in the free preview.

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