Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Best Lesson Plans for Your Observation & Evaluation

I was working last with a new teacher who subscribed to my US History curriculum at She was getting observed and wanted to know which lessons would best to show off when her principal was in the room to observe her for her evaluation.

While I think every one of my lessons here is top notch, I know that you want to really show off something exciting for your evaluation. So, she and I went through each unit and I directed her to some lesson plans that would really stand out. These included some cooperative learning projects, 3D PowerPoints, my Pop Up Founding Fathers Lesson, and few others.

Afterwards I realized that's a common thing many teachers would want. A lot of administrators will tell you to let them know when a good time for them to observe you is. Even if they don't, it's always a good idea to say, "Hey Mr. Johnson, I'm doing a really cool lesson on soldiers in the Civil War on Thursday if you want to stop in and observe." That way, you show them that you're planning ahead and looking for their feedback.

So now, all of my units for my World and US History subscriptions have "Gold Star" lessons. These are the lesson plans that I think give you the chance to show off. They're engaging, creative, and present history in an exciting way for your students. You won't have to warm students to be on their best behavior because they'll be so engaged with the lesson!

Beyond the Gold Star lessons, there are over 600 amazing lesson plan activities that you get with a simple subscription to Students of History! You can even get a free download by checking out the US History or World History packages and signing up.

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck!

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