Monday, August 29, 2016

New Interactive Timeline Activity for Back to School

This is an awesome back to school or first day of school activity for a US History class! It features 33 events from American History on cards to cut out and give to students. They then line up in chronological order OR use one of 5 other lesson activities!

Students work together to decide the correct order of their events. I love this resource as an activity that allows my students to talk and get to know each other while also helping me to understand their background knowledge of US History.

They can also line up in order of the impact the events had on history, from positive to negative, geographically, or a number of other ways to encourage critical thinking and promote discussion among students.


A directions page and answer key for the timeline are provided for your convenience along with a worksheet students can complete if you want them to document the correct order.

This also works great as an end-of-year review activity as well!

You can also snag this great activity along with over 600 others with a subscription to Students of History!  Every lesson for every day of the year is totally planed out for you with PowerPoints, projects, interactive notebooks, Google Drive resources and so much more! You can learn more about us here and register to download free resources!

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