Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to School Snapchat Project Using Google Docs!

Looking for a great first week activity? How about this Back to school Snapchat project using Google Docs! This fun activity combines the app almost all of our students are obsessed with - Snapchat - with a great Back to School or first day activity to help you get to know your students and them to get to know each other!

Students create Snapchat Stories on Google Drive with their own pictures to show what they did during the summer. It also allows them to add fun captions to describe their pictures and help you get to know your new students. They can then share these back with you to create a presentation of all your students' summer stories!

With your download you get a teacher directions page, student directions page, rubric for grading, and 2 pages of printable iPhone templates - everything you need for this fun, engaging back-to-school project! I guarantee your students will love this assignment as it's a fun twist on back to school with the hottest app out there.

This is a high tech update of this best-selling paper/pencil Back to School Snapchat Summer Story Project.

You can also get BOTH of those plus over 600 other amazing teaching resources with a subscription to Students of History! A monthly subscription gets you immediate access to every resource you'd ever need for every day of the school year in World or US History. You'll never have to plan a lesson again!

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