Thursday, August 18, 2016

120 Amazing Warm Up Activities for US History

Whether you're a new or veteran teacher, you likely know that one of the best classroom management strategies is to get your students on task the second they walk in the room. They're coming from the loud chaos of the hallways and need to refocus on learning. Having an activity and visual for them to engage with is one of the best ways to start off a successful lesson plan.

I developed a set of 120 warm up activities for US History that covers from Jamestown and the first colonies through to modern America. Each PowerPoint slide includes a great visual and questions that focus on content, vocabulary, and essential information to build on past learning and connect to your lesson that day.

I have used these for years with amazing success and I promise you will have engaged students ready to learn as soon as the bell rings. It also gives you time to take attendance and prepare for your lesson while they're getting started. It makes for a great classroom routine.

These are also included in my Complete American History subscription plan. You not only get to bellringers to start each class period, you get all the lesson plan materials you'll need for the entire school year! That's over 600 amazing teaching resources - project based learning, PowerPoints, primary source activities, interactive notebooks - they're all there waiting to be download and used. You'll never have to worry about planning a lesson again!

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