Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Constitutional Convention Pop Ups and PowerPoint!

Looking for an engaging lesson plan to teach about the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention? This awesome new resource is part of my American History curriculum!

It features an awesome, visually-engaging PowerPoint presentation along with printable pop-up figures for 6 Founding Fathers and graphic organizer note page. This allows your students to study each Founding Father in depth and gives them a memorable connection that they will remember. The notes are easy to follow and highlight each figure's (James Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Roger Sherman, and George Mason) key contributions to the Constitutional Convention.

This is just one of over 500 amazing lesson plan activities on American History that you get with a simple subscription to Students of History! Each lesson is hands-on and engaging for today's students.  When you subscribe you get immediate access to every lesson for every day of the year - PowerPoints, project-based-learning, interactive notebooks - all there for you at StudentsofHistory.org

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