Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Ultimate WWI Unit Resource Bundle

This fantastic bundle includes an incredible set of resources for your World War I unit! I have been using all of these in my classes for a number of years to fantastic success when I teach about WWI.

Each of these individual products is included:

1. World War I & Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points Flag Project 

2. World War I and German-American Loyalty Speech Analysis Worksheet 

3. World War I Propaganda Analysis 

4. Post World War I Map Analysis Worksheet 

5. Treaty of Versailles and 14 Points Venn Diagram 

6. WWI Powerpoint Presentation Lesson Plan 

I promise, the PowerPoint above is one of the best presentations you will ever use! It covers absolutely everything you need to cover for the Great War and can be spread over several periods.

All of the included worksheets are great for supporting learning and are based on essential learning standards.

As a bonus, I also included several additional worksheets not on TpT, a full test and answer key, and a webquest! All of the combined resources would be $18 not including the additional resources, so this bundle is an incredible value!

You can download this unit plan by clicking here.

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