Thursday, April 25, 2013

EVERY Resource to Review US History!

This amazing set of review materials is everything you need to get your American or US History students ready for a final exam or state assessment!

Included in this bundle is:

  1. The Ultimate American History Review Packet and Notes - a 17 page packet and 34 slide Powerpoint that covers ALL essential information students need to know about ALL of American History!
  2. The Complete US History Outline Review Guide - 15 pages of fill-in outline notes from all of US History
  3. The Snoop Dogg Review Guide Bundle - all 4 Snoop Dogg American History cloze review guides.
  4. The Early American History Vocabulary Word Search Review - to cover early vocabulary. 

Plus 2 bonus review guides on important quotes from US History AND 2 bonus 50 Question practice exams! Both exams could serve as amazing final exams for your class!

 All of these have helped me to have among the highest pass rates in the county on our state assessment! Each is fantastic for visual learners, ELL, and special education students because it breaks down complex topics in US History in simple ways students can understand.

I promise you these are fantastic review materials that will DEFINITELY help your students prepare for an exam!

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