Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Space Race Newspaper and Timeline Lesson Plan

This is a fantastic, visual lesson on America and the Soviet Union's Space Race during the Cold War! It includes 11 one-page readings on key events in the space race that students use to create newspaper pages.

Students then present their newspapers and create timelines to see how the Soviets and Americans progressed. Everything you need for this lesson is included: easy to follow directions, a great newspaper template, all the readings, samples, and an answer key.

The events include: Sputnik, Laika the Dog, John Glenn, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, the Voyager, Hubble, and more. This can be differentiated in your classes by having students work in pairs, groups, or individually.

I love it because it captures the artists, writers, visual and kinesthetic learners all in one lesson!

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