Friday, January 13, 2017

Project Based Learning Packet for ALL of World History

This awesome packet for bringing Project Based Learning (PBL) in your World History classes will be  life-changing! PBL brings real world experiences into the classroom to make lessons more meaningful and engaging for students. It gives them choice in their learning while also delving deeper into a topic World History that matters to them.

This packet gives you everything you need to use project based learning for any unit in American History and includes 196 (yes, 196!) suggested topics for projects plus 25 ideas for real world projects. Your students will have the power of choice to investigate an authentic question in US History.

All of the following are included in this packet:

★  196 suggested topics for study throughout World History (prehistory - the modern world)

★  25 suggested project ideas based on Real World careers with descriptions of each plus tips on how to turn the career into a project

★  Detailed teacher instructions on how to implement the projects, including ideas for differentiation

★  Student introduction pages that break down the project into 6 steps along with a page with tips on how to do the research

★  A project planning worksheet to help students through the project

★  Rubrics for the project and for peer evaluation

★  A self-reflection worksheet for after the project

You'll immediately have everything you need to make learning come alive for students through Project Based Learning. Once you begin, you'll see that these are class-changing projects that you and the students will love!


If you teach US History, you can find my packet PBL Packet for American History here.

Thanks so much for looking!

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