Saturday, November 5, 2016

Loving vs. Virginia Worksheet and Reading

This worksheet will help your students understand the Loving v. Virginia case regarding interracial marriage in the US. Students will be amazed  that both husband and wife were arrested simply for being an interracial couple in Virginia in 1958.

The east-to-understand, single page story accurately relates the story of the Lovings as well as giving your students the background and the history of such cases since then. This is a fantastic, quick read for your class and can generate a fantastic class discussion.

With the movie based on this case being released, it is sure to generate greater interest among your students in this amazing story!

Also included are 8 critical thinking, reading comprehension questions that students can answer for homework or in class after the reading. An answer key is included for your convenience!

This product can also be downloaded as part of the larger Civil Rights Movement Resource Bundle which includes 12 additional resources for your Civil Rights Movement unit!

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