Thursday, November 10, 2016

Early Middle Ages in Europe PowerPoint

This is visually engaging PowerPoint lesson covers the early Middle Ages in Europe and the forming of England, France, Spain, and Russia. It also includes an editable guided notes page that aligns with the PowerPoint to keep your students focused on the most important content.

Each slide features a wonderful picture, map, or graphic that will captivate your visual learners and keep students focused on the lesson. All notes are easy for students to understand and help break down difficult concepts simply. Plus the guided notes sheets are included with it for you!

Content covered in the PowerPoint includes:

• The Vikings
• The Angles, Saxons, & Jutes
• Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great
• William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings
• Henry II and English Common Law
• the Magna Carta
• Hugh Capet and the Capetians in France
• The Hundred Years' War
• Joan of Arc
• The Visigoths and Umayyad Dynasty in Spain
• The Reconquista
• Ivan the Great and early Russia

All of the above topics are covered briefly to highlight the essential information students should understand about each and to avoid confusing students or overloading them with too much information.


This is an excellent PowerPoint lesson to use after this Charlemagne, the Franks, and Medieval Europe PowerPoint in your World History classes.

Some great supplemental resources for this resource include:

1. Joan of Arc Reading, Worksheet, and Obituary Assignment

2. Magna Carta Common Core Reading Worksheet

3. Middle Ages Coat of Arms Project

Thanks so much for looking!

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