Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Black History Month Teaching Resource!

This fantastic resource for Black History Month includes 13 biographies of famous African-Americans and 3 different project ideas for implementation in your classroom!

Each 1-page biography is easy to read for students and includes the major details of each person's life along with pictures and quotes. The biographies include figures from the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement and include:

• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• Stokely Carmichael
• Malcolm X
• Thurgood Marshall
• Jackie Robinson
• Rosa Parks
• Billie Holiday
• James Weldon Johnson
• Claude McKay
• Duke Ellington
• Paul Robeson
• Zora Neale Hurston
• Louis Armstrong

These can be read individually by students or in groups and then turned into one of 3 different projects of varying complexity.

The first, simplest project is to create a mask of their person using a template and be prepared to talk with other students and answer questions as if they were the people they read about.

The 2nd project has students creating a "biography box" using an included cut out box template and directions for decorating the box with details from the biography.

The 3rd project has students creating a poster which they will present based on their person's life and accomplishments featuring visuals and details of what they learned from the reading. A rubric for this project is included.

Finally, there is a 1 page reading comprehension worksheet that asks students higher-level reflection questions about what they read in the biography!

No matter what type of class you have surely one of the 3 projects will suit them well! You can also use the biographies throughout the year for  units on the Harlem Renaissance or Civil Rights Movement.

You can download this amazing resource for your classes by clicking here now!

Thanks for looking!

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