Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Chance to Buy a Complete History Curriculum!


TpT recently advised that Dropbox bundles are not allowed on the site. That means my 2 "Buy My Store" bundles need to come down within the week! These two resources are both over 2gb full of amazing teaching materials, all organized by unit and day throughout an entire year!

If you ever considered purchasing either the World or US History Complete Course Bundles - now is your last chance!!!

The Complete American History Resource Bundle features close to 250 total teaching resources in 16 total folders and includes PowerPoints, Common Core readings, lesson plans, assessments, cooperative learning activities, and so much more!

The Complete World History Resource Bundle includes over 200 teaching resources from early river valley civilizations through 9/11 and modern history. It is organized into 13 folders full of PowerPoints, Common Core readings, worksheets, cooperative learning activities, and more!

Both will also include every new teaching resource added to my store in the future FOR FREE! These are amazing deals including hundreds of teaching resources and very soon will no longer available for purchase!

If you ever considered purchasing either or are looking for a ton of resources to help you teach history, now is the time to grab these before they're gone forever!


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