Monday, November 25, 2013

Freshly Updated Lesson Plan Unit Bundles!

A few weeks ago, one teacher sent me a comment that she loved all of the resources in a bundle but wanted some guidance on how they all fit together. I couldn't believe I never thought to include that! Since then, I've been hard at work redoing every unit bundle in my store. I'm finally super close to being finished!

Each one now has a unit guide with teacher directions and then all files numbered by the day they are used within that unit. And I made sure to include multiple resources for each day just like you would use in your classes - PowerPoints, Common Core activities, readings, projects, and more!

Here's just a few - if you click on each one you can download a preview of the unit plan and directions from the TpT page!

Plus even more that you can download from here on Imperialism, the French Revolution, World War I, Industrial Revolution, and more! If you ever purchased one of these in the past, be sure to go back and re-download it for free and you will get all the new resources that have been added!

Thanks for looking!

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