Friday, November 8, 2013

Entire World War II Lesson Plan Unit Bundle

This is the absolute ultimate bundle of lesson plan materials for World War II! In one super-organized folder you will receive 8 PowerPoints, 7 student projects and cooperative learning activities, 8 Common Core readings and worksheets, and a unit test with answer key!

WWII Lesson Unit

Imagine having 2 weeks to a month completely planned out, FULL of visually-engaging, interactive activities every day!

All of the following TpT resources are INCLUDED with this purchase:

  1. Rise of Dictators Pop Up Figures Lesson Plan
  2. Battles and Events of World War II PowerPoint Lesson
  3. Battles of World War II Radio Show Project
  4. WWII Nazi Nuremberg Trial Simulation Lesson Plan
  5. Countries of World War II Idea Web
  6. Analyzing Adolf Hitler's Speeches Worksheet
  7. The American Homefront During World War II
  8. Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2x Atomic Bomb Survivor Worksheet
  9. Turning Point Battles in World War II Worksheet
  10. Charles Lindbergh US Isolationism and World War II Speech Worksheet
  11. Japanese Internment Camps Primary Source Reading & Worksheet
  12. The Holocaust: Background Through Liberation PowerPoint
  13. The Double V - African-Americans' Experiences During World War II Lesson
  14. World War II Mexican-American Story - The Pied Piper of Saipan
  15. War Crimes Trials PowerPoint Presentation

Plus all of the resources in the World War II Teaching Resource Bundle are included as well!


PLUS even more great resources that are not on TpT, including a mapping the war PowerPoint and test! Also included is a simple directions page explaining pacing and the best way to use all of the resources over about 12 class periods.

You can download this awesome unit in one great zipped folder by clicking here!

Thanks for looking!

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