Thursday, August 8, 2013

Renaissance and Reformation Lesson Plan Bundle

This brand-new amazing, comprehensive Renaissance and Reformation Unit Bundle includes a wide array of resources to teach your World History units on the Renaissance and Reformation!

All of the following TpT resources are included:

1. A gorgeous PowerPoint on Renaissance Art, Literature, and Philosophies

2. A creative, Pop-Up Notes and PowerPoint on the Protestant Revolution  

3. This brand-new Renaissance Art Show and Newspaper Project


4. A reading and worksheet to help students Compare the Beliefs of Catholics & Protestants

5. This fun and hysterical Snoop Dogg Renaissance, Reformation, Discovery, & Monarchs Cloze Reading

6. An interactive Am I Machiavellian? Quiz Based on The Prince

Plus a map activity on Europe during the 1500's and a full test with multiple versions and answer keys not found on TpT!

Priced individually, all of these resources would cost over $16! This Renaissance and Reformation Lesson Plan Bundle will save you money and countless hours of preparation!

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