Saturday, August 17, 2013

Huge Back to School Sale

I know some teachers go back in a week while others are back already, but the biggest sale of the year - Back to School 2013 is this Sunday & Monday - August 18-19!

Every single lesson plan, teaching resource, PowerPoint, project, worksheet, etc will be 28% off! 

That's going to result in the lowest prices ever for some resources! For example you can save $36 on this Bundle of Every American History Resource that is already just 1/3 the price of products individually! The same for this Bundle of Every World History Resource! Both of these products will rise in price as new products are added, so this is the absolute lowest they will ever be! By downloading now, however, you get every resource that will ever be added to the store - FOREVER!

There's so many more amazing resources for your World and American History students available! These include:

  1. Breathtaking, engaging PowerPoints in 3D!
  2. Already discounted resource bundles that will be discounted even further!
  3. Best-selling Warm Up Questions to start every day of the year with a CCSS focus!
  4. Fun Craftivities for younger students!
  5. Newer resources like this fun Marriage Counselling for the Union sheet, this great Emmett Till QR Code Project that integrates technology, or these Extra Credit Restroom Passes!
  6. Plus so much more in my Students of History store all for 28% off!

All resources are of the absolute highest quality, have been used in my diverse classes successfully and proven to be highly engaging and reach all students. I promise you will not be let down. These amazing lessons can save you countless hours this year coming up with new strategies to engage your students.

Start looking through the store now and I know you'll find resources you'll love!

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