Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Amistad Lesson Plan for American History

This excellent activity for the famous Amistad case is an excellent way to get your students to engage with primary source documents and learn about this fascinating moment in American History!

This download includes a 1-page introduction reading that explains all about the case of the Amistad, from the capture of Africans in Sierra Leone through to the Supreme Court case. There are then 6 excellent primary source documents for your students to analyze. Each includes an actual image of the document along with a typed, easy-to-read transcription of the text. Additionally, each includes a QR code that links to a full-color online high-resolution version of the document. Great for getting your students to put their devices to educational use in class!

Finally, there is a worksheet that students complete based on the documents that can be done in cooperative learning groups or individually.  A brief directions page explains how I use the resource in my classes. An answer key is included as well for your convenience.

You can download this awesome lesson plan here!

Thanks so much for looking!

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