Wednesday, October 26, 2016

American Revolution PowerPoint Lesson

This is a beautiful, visually-engaging 17-slide PowerPoint that covers the major battles of the American Revolution along with both the British and American colonists' strengths and weaknesses.

Each slide includes fantastic pictures and easy-to-understand notes that cover the essential information students need to know, all based on state and Common Core Standards. However, if you are looking for a PowerPoint written at a higher level with greater detail, this American Revolution for AP and Honors PowerPoint could work better for you.

Each of the following major battles and events of the Revolutionary War is covered in this PowerPoint lesson:

★ Lexington & Concord
★ Bunker Hill
★ Washington's Crossing of the Delaware
★ Trenton
★ Saratoga
★ The Treaty of Alliance with France
★ Valley Forge
★ Yorktown

This Revolutionary War PowerPoint can also be downloaded as part of the money-saving American Revolution Resource Bundle. In it, you'll find a guided notetaking page for this PowerPoint plus over 30 other amazing resources for a complete unit!

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