Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to School Historical Skills Activities and Worksheets

Back to School Historical Skills Activities and Worksheets

This fantastic bundle of activities covers all the essential skills your students need to understand for studying history! It makes for fantastic back to school activities to help your students grasp the skills they will be using all year long!

The worksheets cover all of the following:

• Understanding primary vs. secondary sources
• Reading & creating timelines
• Determining fact from opinion
• Identifying cause & effect
• Understanding map projections
• Human development
• Absolute & relative location
• Climates & reading climographs
• Analyzing early human art

Each resource can be done on its own, as part of station/centers activity, in collaborative groups, or in many more ways that will help students focus on each skill!

Please click here to take a look, preview, and download today!

Thanks for looking!

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