Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Gifts for High School Teachers

Is there a history teacher in your life that you're just stumped for what to get him or her for Christmas? Why not give them the best gift of all - time! I'm sure you know how much your loved one spends planning, grading papers, working with students, etc. Especially if they're a newer teacher - the days can feel endless!

However, there are a ton of great resources you can purchase to ease their suffering and them to enjoy more free time!

Here's a few Christmas gift ideas for Social Studies and History Teachers!


Unit Bundles! Want to save your loved one some stress about what to plan for when they come back from Christmas break? Why not have it all planned out for them! These sets of Complete Unit Bundles are available for every unit in American or World History! Just slyly ask what your loved one will be covering after break and you can download it instantly! Click here to see all the available choices.


These are the absolute ultimate gifts for the social studies teacher! It's a FULL YEAR of American or World History completely planned out! Every day, every lesson, everything they need to teach the subject is done. PowerPoints, readings, worksheets, projects, tests, quizzes, review materials - it's all here! Imagine being able to say to your loved one - "Here you go, your whole year of planning is right here done for you on this flash drive!"

The American History Curriculum can be found here. The Complete World History Curriculum can be downloaded here.

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