Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Age of Discovery Explorers Magic Portrait PowerPoint

This amazing, magical lesson includes a PowerPoint of leading explorers of the Age of Discovery, including Da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cartier, Zheng He, and more - all brought to life through amazing "Harry Potter" style magical portraits.

Each slide includes essential information about each explorer, as well as the magic portraits in which the faces blink, smile, laugh, and look around the room.

Your students will be AMAZED at these visuals and will not take their eyes off of your screen!

Also included is an exit ticket based on what students learned from the PowerPoint as well as a directions page on how to easily get your lesson to play perfectly.

This is a truly amazing, dynamic activity that will engage your visual learners and have your students gasping when they see Hernan Cortes smile and wink at them! I promise they will be howling with delight!

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Thanks for looking!

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