Friday, April 4, 2014

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Infomercial Group Project

This new fantastic cooperative learning project on major inventions and inventors of the Industrial Revolution will have your students engaged, having fun, and learning!

Included is a directions page on how to present a 1 minute infomercial to the class along with 7 one-page readings on different inventions of the industrial period. In groups students read about their assigned inventor/invention and plan their "infomercial".

As each group presents, other students fill out the included graphic organizer on the 7 inventions and inventors. An answer key for this is included along with a rubric for the infomercial presentation.

My students love this project and always come up with some hilarious pitches for these inventions that they remember the rest of the year! When I used it earlier this year, the students got so into it, we ended up needing a second class period to present all the "infomercials" because the students went into such great detail! It was an amazing couple of class periods!

You can download this lesson for your classes by clicking here!

Thanks for looking!

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