Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Holocaust and Genocide Lesson Plan Resources

I used to always hate teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides in history. It's just so sad and tragic when I like to keep my classes fun and engaging. It's so important though and can also teach valuable lessons about bravery, standing up for what is right, and the consequence of inaction in the face of evil.

Over the past couple years I developed a set of holocaust lesson plans that get students thinking about these important topics. They are all included in this downloadable Holocaust and Genocide Unit Bundle.

This download includes a wonderful set of Common Core resources to teach not just about the Holocaust, but other genocides throughout history, including: Stalin's Great Purge, the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur and the Armenian genocide.

Included in this bundle is a PowerPoint on the Holocaust that covers from the rise of the Nazis in Germany through the Nuremberg Trials. Each slide includes gripping photos and the tragic history of the Nuremberg Laws, Kristallnacht, the Final Solution and the camps themselves. The notes are also easy-to-follow and focused in on essential understandings.

Also included is a fantastic lesson plan on genocides in history that incorporates Common Core strategies, cooperative learning, and higher-level thinking. It includes 6 one page readings on genocides in history (the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, Stalin's Great Purge, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur) along with a chart students complete on each genocide's info. This can be completed as a station activity, in groups, or individually.

Additional projects, readings, worksheets and more are all included in this download! Now, I look forward to the amazing lessons I can impart to my students and our deep, meaningful class discussions. I hope that these can do the same for you and your classes!

Thanks for looking!

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